Homes For Sale in El Paso

Homes For Sale in El Paso


What are the most common reasons that trigger people out on a house hunt whether its for a rental or a home for sale? Considering we are a home builder we will focus on homes for sale in El Paso.  Once again restating being a home builder in el paso, Tx we came to observe 3 things that set individuals out shopping for their dream home. Work Commute, School Districts, and Safety performed as very strong indicators that triggered homebuyers out searching for a home.

Work Commute or shall we say location location location! The est. avg commute time for an el pasoan is about 30 minutes. Although El Paso is Texas 6th largest city that commute time is not half bad compared to other areas such as Houston at a 45 to 1 hr work commute time frame! However many would still love to make that commute shorter to about 10 minutes due to all the highway construction. Fortunately BIC Homes offers most home sites less than 5 minutes away from all main highways. Many out searching for a new home in El Paso may understand living in the city may not always give you the work commute desired, and perhaps living near main roads that take them straight to the main highways might just be a better option.

Local School Districts such as SISD or CISD offer high quality education through means of their programs developed for students of all ages starting as young as 3 years old. Some school districts may offer an early college admission while attending high school, which gives such advantage to their graduates. Imaging graduating from high school and only having less than 2 years left to get your bachelors degree; now that’s set up for early success! Therefore when buyers are searching for homes for sale in el paso its almost a guaranteed question we as a builder get “What school districts or schools belong the the area for this homebuyer?” The success of those we hold dear is quite crucial to our home buyers and therefore school districts tend to be quite a trigger.


Many families ranging between ages of 25-35 whom have or are starting a family choose to live in areas where their kids can ride a bike or run to the nearest community park in peace. Home Builders including us normally will develop our communities with a local park typically across the street or no more than a few blocks away from the home. Being so close to community parks gives families a safety perception considering the enforcements and neighborhood watch programs in the newly developed zones. Safety is a big subject for families with children, therefore its no surprise buyers ask ” How safe is this area?” Most Home Buyers today will do a zip code research in attempts to measure crime rates per zip code. Many families relocating to El Paso will already ask for a specified zip code due to the safety ratings they analyzed online in sites such as


In conclusion any one of these 3 items will trigger home buyers to make a decision. Therefore during a home search dont forget to ask yourself these 3 reasons why most decide to buy a home to help you in the process. Happy Home Hunting EL Paso!