BIC Homes builds homes and develops relationships. We enhance your level of home buying satisfaction. “Experience the Difference”

Developing new homes which El Paso residents’ desire is the goal of any homebuilder, but building homes our customers want to purchase, while achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction is what BIC Homes is genuinely focused on as an El Paso Home Builder. We pride our company standards on ensuring a heightened level of customer satisfaction which not only creates a one-time buyer, but results in a lasting community of neighbors who become and remain a lasting part of the BIC Homes family. Developing long-term trust of both internal and external customers is how we prefer to do business, and this philosophy usually means a win-win for everyone – our company, our community, our suppliers, our employees and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you – Our Customer. New Homes El Paso

Of course, hiring individuals who have the aptitude to learn our philosophy is the easy part – but hiring talented individuals who hold true appreciation for the words, and live for the chance to transform those words into actions, which bring our philosophy to life, is the special part which results in BIC Homes delivering an enhanced level of customer satisfaction – making us a preferred choice as the El Paso Home Builder of choice versus the competition. New Homes El Paso.

Building houses our customers want to purchase is our core competency, but we want more than to just build great houses, we want to ensure the process behind filling these great properties with great families is as equally dynamic as the home itself. By fostering an undeniable team spirit capable of operating the best possible El Paso Home Builder company across the “Sun City” landscape, we can truly say that no matter who you come into contact with during your home buying experience, the goal is to provide an experience you will want to share friends, family, and others throughout the El Paso community. New Homes El Paso

As an El Paso Home Builder, we take pride in our workmanship, which is why BIC could easily stand for “Best in Class” but our slogan “Built to Last” not only defines our homes but the relationships we develop with you, our customer.

BIC Homes was featured in the June/July 2014 issue of Spotlight Homes magazine.


T = Teamwork

• Communication channels are open and honest, vertically and horizontally (conflict can be healthy if it is in the best interest of the organization.) Be inclusive (Listen to your team when making decisions.)

• Everyone shares success. Work as if you own the company and take pride in what you do. Reap the rewards.

• Collaborate, delegate, empower and spread responsibility and authority. Replicate yourself by mentoring someone you trust to be 110% proficient in your job, so you can move up in the organization. Trust each other all the time.

• Develop long term trust relationships (be truthful, faithful and take care of each other.)

H = High Social Responsibility

• Help the community and protect our environment (Green Practices.)

 E = Embrace Change

• We invest to educate ourselves as we have careers and not just jobs.

• We are dynamic and forward looking.

• Always evaluate and improve our systems and processes to achieve increasing performance and growth.

B = Be Professional

• Be on time and deliver what you promised or more. As a norm we under promise and over deliver.

• Keep interested parties informed as often as possible. Speed of communication is the key to manage crisis.

 I = Intelligence

• Deliver ground level market intelligence (observe, ask, listen, feel.) Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

• Find out what the customer wants and then give it to them. Knowledge is our best sales tool.

• Inspect what you expect with your own eyes whenever possible.

 C = Customer Satisfaction

• Customer is #1. Sales People are #2. Vendors and Employees are #3.

• Set customer expectations correctly and then exceed them. Give the customer more than what it is expected.

• Customer loyalty (one step above customer satisfaction) is our ultimate goal.

 W = Win-Win Philosophy

• Never deceive anyone. Never lie, cheat or steal in any way (transparency.)

• Deliver and continue to add true value to the relationships, so everyone who deals with BIC is a winner.

 A = Always Be

• Frugal (economical-lead with revenue and not expense), Balanced (prudent and judicious), Objective (realistic), Lean (efficient), Smart (practical), Quick (swift), Modest (humble), Organized, Strong and Flexible (open minded).

 Y = Yes We Can

• Set goals high, persevere and work hard to reach them.

• Work diligently and independently focusing on your goals. Plan your work and work your plan.